Some of My Favorite Soundtracks

Soundtracks are an integral part of any film, for better or worse. (In a few cases, the lack of one can be unsettling– No Country for Old Men, for example). In some instances, they can be overbearing by forcing the emotions of a scene on an audience. Below are a list of my favorite soundtracks. They represent to me the best integration of music into a film, and have stuck with me for quite some time. In no particular order:

THERE WILL BE BLOOD (Jonny Greenwood)

It’s such a shame this soundtrack was considered ineligible for an Academy Award (the score featured elements from some of his previous works). I can listen to Greenwood’s soundtrack on its own and just enjoy the album as is. The spaces between measures featuring violins and cellos resonate to me as Daniel Plainview’s loneliness and the gaps of communication between him and his sons.

PHANTASM (Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave)

I wish they included “Sitting Here At Midnight” on the OST! The main theme from Phantasm may be the single most iconic theme in all of film for me. The various ways it is used throughout the film is done so well, and there is likely no cooler moment in all of film than the music that plays over the scene from the above image.


For as great as the colors and overall feeling of Suspiria are, I don’t know what the film would be like without Goblin’s soundtrack contribution. Any time I think of Halloween, the theme from Suspiria comes to mind first– it left that much of an impression with me. Such a spooky soundtrack.

ATTACK THE BLOCK (Basement Jaxx)

Every single song on the soundtrack holds up on its own. In the context of the movie, Basement Jaxx has created something amazing to match the youthful energy of the film’s leads. If you ever need to grab a weapon, cue up “Tooling Up”. If you ever want to feel like a badass walking down the street, turn on “The Block” and you’ll feel invincible.

HANNA (The Chemical Brothers)

2011 was a fantastic year for electronic soundtracks. The Chemical Brothers make Hanna even more unique with their trademark sound. There are some tracks that would stand up on their own on a Chemical Brothers album, and some of the songs featured make for such memorable scenes.


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