103- City Lights [8.5]

The Little Tramp makes the acquaintance of a blind flower girl, who through a series of coincidences has gotten the impression that the shabby tramp is a millionaire. A second storyline begins when the tramp rescues a genuine millionaire from committing suicide.

The degree of brilliance displayed throughout Charlie Chaplin’s filmography may vary, but one thing is consistent throughout each of his works: they are damn funny. Initially, City Lights plays out like a series of Tramp skits, but it eventually settles into a charming mix-up story. Though the boxing sequence felt a bit long, there were so many laughs peppered throughout that it was worth the extended bit time. The final scene is one that left a big, stupid smile on my face, even if it wasn’t difficult to telegraph. Though The Great Dictator remains my favorite CHaplin film, City Lights is a close second.



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