96- Hunger [7.5]

The final months of Bobby Sands, the Irish Republican Army activist who protested his treatment at the hands of British prison guards with a hunger strike, are chronicled in this historical drama.

A large part of the first hour of Hunger is virtually silent, with sparse dialogue occasionally thrown in. It is in a seventeen-and-a-half-minute single shot scene between Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham that the film explodes. This Guinness world record-breaking scene is not done in a gimmicky fashion. An ideological debate occurs that gives the viewer an insight into what Bobby Sand’s rational was in opting for a hunger strike. Though neither him nor the priest get particularly loud, the conviction with which they deliver their different perspectives make for an incredibly electrifying scene. Fassbender delivers yet another amazing performance, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors of his generation.



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