87- Cyrus [4.5]

John, a middle-aged lonely divorced guy who, as the film opens, gets dragged to a party by his remarried ex-wife– who remains his best friend. After a few clumsy, drunken passes at a variety of women, John encounters Molly, an attractive single-mom who finds John’s social awkwardness appealing. They hit it off, and quickly begin a tender new relationship.

John C. Reilly is great at jumping back and forth between drama and comedy choices, and even playing somewhere between the two genres. That’s the kind of role he has as John in Cyrus, and yet, the performance didn’t work me. If anything, the standout for me in the film was Jonah Hill in the titular role. Though he falls into typical Jonah Hill mode later in Cyrus (albeit in a more subtle fashion. The writing required it somewhat anyway), the young actor plays an emotional damaged, if not manipulative character very well.



3 responses to “87- Cyrus [4.5]”

  1. dirtywithclass says :

    The main problem with this movie for me was the directing. It felt extremely distracting to me. But everything else in this movie i liked

  2. jarwatchesfilms says :

    The snap zooms were incredibly annoying!

  3. CMrok93 says :

    It has a little bit of a weird tone and feel but the performances from everybody involved is what really kept me involved and the overall feel I had of this film coming out, was pretty positive. Good review.

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