76- Black Moon [3.0]

Lily drives down a lonesome road, and soon finds herself in a alternate world full of non sequiturs and bizarre characters

I really don’t know what to make of Black Moon. I’m sure there are thematic elements that make the largely non-nonsensical plot seem worthy of being filmed, but there was not much to enjoy besides Malle’s excellent visuals. The opening scene intrigued me, but my attention waned as the film continued on.



One response to “76- Black Moon [3.0]”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Great rveiew – I really liked how they played the two bad guys against each other with nothing more than imagination and steampunk! Thought Danny Boon (Bazil) was fantastic at playing a vacant-but-passionate hero.Lots of slapstick / visual references to the old days of movies too, which is missing in today’s world of ACTION ACTION EXPLOSIONS AND ACTION. We need more films like this!Paragraph Film Reviews recently posted..

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