70- The Fall [7.5]

A psychologically complex tale of a hospitalized paraplegic with a curious knack for storytelling. Unable to free himself from his sterile confines, the immobile patient’s deepest fears form the basis of a dark story that he shares with his young companion — a little girl who visits his room as she recovers from a nasty fall.

The Fall is a special film. Equal parts A Princess Bride and Big Fish, this fantastical story is directed by the visionary Tarsem who weaves together a heartwarming story of two physically damaged hospital patients. Catinca Untaru gives one of the great child performances, and her lack of understanding of English makes it all the more impressive. The Fall drags at times and can be accused of being indulgent (from what I understand, it’s an incredibly divisive film) but is still worth a viewing if not only for Tarsem’s unique imagery.



2 responses to “70- The Fall [7.5]”

  1. thejamminjabber says :

    Like the rest of Tarsem’s work, I found this to be breathtaking visually, but lacking in the narrative department.

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