59- Attack The Block [9.0]

A group of London teens find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion and fight to defend their tower block from some evil extraterrestrials.

For months I have been hearing a lot about Attack the Block. The mash up descriptions have been amusing: The Goonies meets The Wire. Shaun of the Dead meets District 9. (My friend who attended the screening with me last night said Boyz n the Hood meets Cloverfield.) So what exactly is Attack the Block? It is an often hilarious, occasionally touching and–most excitingly–wholly original alien invasion story.

As a generalization, what do kids who have no parental guidance and live in a crappy neighborhood do? They engage in immature, dangerous, and often illegal activity. They live for the moment of something exciting happening, no matter the trouble it may cause. Attack the Block is loosely framed around this idea, and with it, we are introduced to a handful of excellent characters who frequently shift from heroically to fearfully fighting aliens.

In the last few years, audiences have been getting an abundance of genre parodies, retreads and meta takes on films of the past, a lot of which have been lazy. In despite of people’s willingness to compare Attack the Block to the feel of other films, what makes the movie so great is because it blazes its own trail. The humor is hardly referential to genre conventions. I especially enjoyed the manner in which the teens and residents of the neighborhood react to the invasion itself, which I don’t think another film anywhere close to this nature has taken the approach Attack does.

I’m hesitant to divulge too much of the films’ finer points, as it’s best to see this movie as fresh as possible. I’m not sure what the distribution plan is for the U.S., but I guarantee you will be hearing about Attack the Block for months to come.



7 responses to “59- Attack The Block [9.0]”

  1. dirtywithclass says :

    I saw this a few weeks ago. Its definitely worth watching, although i don’t think i loved it as much as you did

  2. dirtywithclass says :

    Actually never mind i was thinking of another movie…my bad. I will see if i can find this one on netflix

  3. Kyle Simonsen says :

    I’ve been eager to see this for awhile; glad that you were so impressed with it.

  4. thejamminjabber says :

    Nice write up. I quite enjoyed the film as well. I’ll be perusing your other posts.

    (We spoke on line. I was neither the small Asian woman nor the large African American gentleman.)

  5. Kyle Simonsen says :

    Just finished this and loved it. I think it should have been a musical. Or maybe just a really long music video. The soundtrack was wonderful. It was also the most 80s movie I’ve seen made outside the 80s. It reminded me a lot of Adventures in Babysitting for some reason. Just a really, really fun film.

  6. Dan says :

    I was mightily impressed with this one. It managed to do something refreshing with a tired genre and even throw in enough intelligent social criticism to elevate it above the imitators.

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