58- Carnival of Souls [1.5]

A drag race turns to tragedy when one car, with three young women inside, topples over a bridge and into the muddy river below. The authorities drag the river, but the search is fruitless and the girls are presumed dead until a single survivor stumbles out of the water with no recollection of how she escaped.

Carnival of Souls was a bore to watch. With a very short runtime of seventy-eight minutes, I couldn’t believe how eager I was for it to be over. Perhaps the best thing I can tell you about Carnival of Souls is that the director’s name is Herk Harvey and one actor’s name in the film is Larry Sneegas.



2 responses to “58- Carnival of Souls [1.5]”

  1. thejamminjabber says :

    Haha, so this is only half a point better than “I’m Through With White Girls?”

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