57- Eyes Without A Face [6.5]

A plastic surgeon becomes obsessed with making things right after his daughter Christiane’s face is terribly disfigured in a car accident that he caused. Overcome with guilt, Dr. Genessier and his vicious nurse concoct a plan to give Christiane her face back by kidnapping young girls and removing their faces– and then grafting them onto Christiane’s.

I was pleasantly surprised how effective this fifty-year-old horror film was. Without the benefits of being able to pause and rewind scenes (as well as watch at home) to notice the makeup and effects in certain shots, it must have been pretty frightening to see some of the more graphic scenes in Eyes Without A Face. The theme by Maurice Jarre is so similar to Luciano Michelini’s for Curb Your Enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but be taken out of the movie every now and then. Regardless, this slow but entertaining, fairty tale-esque dark film makes me glad to have my own face.



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