54- I’m Through With White Girls [1.0]

After years of dating white women, an unconventional “brotha” vows to try his luck with some “sistahs” of his own race. But when he falls for a self-described “half-Rican Canadian”, is it possible he’s found his soul mate?

I’m through with finding a description ridiculous enough to warrant sitting through an entire film like this.



3 responses to “54- I’m Through With White Girls [1.0]”

  1. dirtywithclass says :

    I’ve never had any interest in watching this movie…ever

  2. jarwatchesfilms says :

    haha i needed to change it up after watching a serious Holocaust movie.

  3. dirtywithclass says :

    I can understand that. Still, this looked beyond silly and just stupid to me

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