37- Rango [8.5]

A household pet goes on an adventure to discover its true self.

At times an examination of purpose and identity, the stunningly refreshing Rango is one of if not the most adult-oriented animated films to hit almost 4,000 theaters. Say what you will about director Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean films, but that franchise’s financial success allowed for an expensive miracle like this to be financed and released.

Featuring Hans Zimmer’s most inspired score in ages, this western was put together in an unconventional fashion: as oppose to having the actors just do their voice-over work, they got to act out their scenes on a stage and have industry magicians ILM record everything. In addition to a terrific script, I believe this process went a long way towards making the film so unique. Rango is also the first time in recent memory that an eccentric performance by Johnny Depp felt welcomed. Parents may want to think twice about taking the little ones.



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