27- Never Let Me Go [4.0]

An alternate history story of a woman who, as she reflects on her private school years in the English countryside, reunites with her two friends to face the dark secrets tied to their communal past.

The one thing I appreciated about Never Let Me Go was its alternative “what if?” historical fiction slant. It took me a while to grasp that the premise is one of science fiction, though it doesn’t play out in the conventional science fiction sense. Andrew Garfield is always a pleasure on screen, but Keira Knightley doesn’t do much with the material. Never Let Me Go is a dull film, and from what I’ve read, a far better novel.



One response to “27- Never Let Me Go [4.0]”

  1. DEZMOND says :

    Keira always kills every movie she appears in. She’s just too plastic for dramatic roles.

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