26- Winter’s Bone [6.0]

An unflinching Ozark Mountain girl hacks through dangerous social terrain as she hunts down her drug-dealing father while trying to keep her family intact.

Though Winter’s Bone deals with film noir tropes, it isn’t apparent from the onset of the film. Set in the backwoods of Missouri, young Ree Dolly goes from trailer to trailer, attempting to find out where her missing father is. Along the way, she meets shady characters who will lead her askew, and receive violent threats and actions that fall along the lines of cinema’s classic detectives. The pace is languid, but Winter’s Bone is worth a viewing if not for Jennifer Lawrence’s subtle performance.



One response to “26- Winter’s Bone [6.0]”

  1. Kyle Simonsen says :

    Just watched this last night, and it might be the first significant disagreement we’ve had about a film. I thought this movie was excellent. The acting was stellar, and the film created such a believable ambiance, rich with texture and nuance and detritus. I think this film, especially given that noirish bent you mention here, easily could have fell into being campy, or parody. The fact that it doesn’t says a lot for the director. My only real complaint would have been about the end, which left things feeling a little bit unfinished.

    I thought it was refreshing to see a film with an absent father who actually stayed absent. Most films that deal with the themes of fatherly abandonment feature the father in the movie, but in Winter’s Bone, Jessup stays off-screen, and I like that a lot.

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